Sidetalk is a new way to chat with your friends on Google Hangouts, with the account you already have. Instead of a bunch of floating windows, Sidetalk tucks away neatly into the side of your screen. You can always see at a glance who's available to chat with, whether anybody is typing, and any new messages that come in. Sidetalk is all about staying out of your way and integrating chatter into your workflow rather than dominating it.

Easily accessed

Sidetalk is always readily accessible — just mouse over to the side of your screen or hit the global keyboard shortcut. When you don't want it, it tucks back away.

Screenshot of a notification bubble

Status and notifications at a glance

No matter what you're working on, you'll always know if someone is typing or has messaged you with a quick glance to the corner, and new messages will pop right up without getting in your way.

Screenshot of a conversation

Jump in, jump out

With a single click or keystroke, you're chatting with a friend, right on top of your work. No big windows to move around or obstruct your workspace, just a few text bubbles.